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Easy 4 steps to find the perfect service provider for your event.


1. Choose a location and the category to find the business that caters your requirements.

2. Choose the one best suit to your needs, Click on Image for more information.

3. To find the provider location simply click "Get Location by Google"

4. To contact the provider simply click on the "contact us" button.



Easy 4 steps to advertise your business here.


1. Register as a member.

2. Click on the email confirmation link you will receive.

3. Upload all your business information to the member's page.

4. Add Pictures, Videos and sound files to your profile.



Easy 4 steps to sell your public event tickets.


1. Go to 'Sell Event Tickets'

2. Select the package you require.

3. Register if you haven't already done so or login as an organiser.

4. You will be directed to your profile page, then click on the Add Ticket Tab.